Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan
Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan
Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan

Weekly Fishing Report 11/18/2014

Very few anglers have been out because of the rain, wind and snow! Those heading out for the opening day of gun season are reminded to take along a fishing pole. This is the time of year where you can hunt early then target steelhead and whitefish in the evening. Late fall and early winter can offer some prime fishing on the inland lakes as well.

Weekly Fishing Report 10/29/2014

With the salmon runs winding down, anglers are now turning their attention to the fall steelhead run. Fish are being caught however it will take a good amount of rain over the next several weeks to ensure a good fall run. This is a great time of year to fish the inland lakes as the fish tend to go on a feeding frenzy before winter arrives

Weekly Fishing Report 10/13/2014

Cold and windy weather hampered fishing efforts and lowered angler participation which means fewer updates for the weekly report. Salmon runs are nearing their peak in some waters on the west side of the state. Anglers are once again reminded that snagging is illegal. It is unlawful to snag or retain any fish not legally hooked in the mouth.

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