Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan
Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan
Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan

Weekly Fishing Tip: Fishing deep for post-spawn bluegillsKid fishing in the summer for bluegill

After spawning, bluegills will move to deeper water for the rest of the summer and larger bluegills can be hard to locate. They can be found living near the top of the thermocline where water temperatures approach 69 degrees. Depending on the lake, this depth will usually be somewhere between 12 and 18 feet.

Weekly Fishing Tip: What to do when walleyes pick up, close-up of walleye caught in Michigan

Walleye fishing is picking up steadily in the large inland lakes in northern Michigan. Some of these lakes include Burt, Mullett, Black, Long, Grand and Hubbard.

Many anglers who fish these lakes over the years are learning that by this time of the year, it is best to troll for walleye with lines that are elevated in the water column. Many think of walleye as a benthic, or bottom, species. While this is true at times, this species will come a long way up in the water column to hit your presentation. More so, they will often suspend in the water column based on forage.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Fly season is quickly approaching

Although much of what a trout feeds on throughout the year is under the water’s surface, June is prime time for dry-fly fishing for stream trout.

Many aquatic insects, like mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies found in trout streams emerge during June making it an exciting time to fish with “dry” flies (those that float on the surface of the water). Check with your local tackle shop or fly shop to see what might be hatching in your area.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Clean Boats, Clean Tournaments

Weekly Fishing Tip: Clean Boats, Clean Tournaments
Do you organize fishing tournaments? Do you know how important it is to clean the boats of tournament participants to reduce the risk of spreading invasive species?

Wisconsin Sea Grant has developed a 10-minute video that provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a boat-watching station that looks to prevent the spread of Eurasian milfoil, zebra/quagga mussels, and spiny water fleas. Check out their “Clean Boats, Clean Tournaments” video at:

Weekly Fishing Tip 5/13/14: Use a spinnerbait to target bass

As water temperatures rise, both largemouth and smallmouth bass will start to hang out in shallower water and stick close to areas with cover. Want to know a great tool to target them there? Try a spinnerbait.

Seek out cover; such as logs, boulders or weed patches and cast your spinnerbait in that direction. Often times you’ll entice a bass ready to strike unsuspecting prey.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Trout season has arrived!

Trout season officially opened this past weekend on Michigan’s inland waters and early season fishing can be quite good. Many anglers successfully swear by dead drifting worms this time of year due to the cold spring waters temperatures, but those heading out should not overlook spinners or small shallow diving crank baits either.

Worms are deadly in the early season but lure fishing can also be very effective at bringing up a big fish from its deepwater lair under a log or under a cut bank.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Want to find fish? Use sonar!

Avid anglers are constantly looking for tips and tricks to help them have more successful fishing trips. Many turn to sonar technology to achieve this goal.

Although a bit of an investment (units start at $100 and go up), sonar products offer a variety of benefits on the water. Most units can provide anglers with readings on temperature, vegetation and structure in the water, type of bottom below you, fish in the area, depth, current speed of the vessel, GPS navigation, and waypoints for future trips. Some even allow you the opportunity to purchase nautical charts.


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