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Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan
Master Bait & Tackle - Algonac Michigan

Weekly Fishing Report 11/18/2014

Very few anglers have been out because of the rain, wind and snow! Those heading out for the opening day of gun season are reminded to take along a fishing pole. This is the time of year where you can hunt early then target steelhead and whitefish in the evening. Late fall and early winter can offer some prime fishing on the inland lakes as well.

Weekly Fishing Report 10/29/2014

With the salmon runs winding down, anglers are now turning their attention to the fall steelhead run. Fish are being caught however it will take a good amount of rain over the next several weeks to ensure a good fall run. This is a great time of year to fish the inland lakes as the fish tend to go on a feeding frenzy before winter arrives

Weekly Fishing Report 10/13/2014

Cold and windy weather hampered fishing efforts and lowered angler participation which means fewer updates for the weekly report. Salmon runs are nearing their peak in some waters on the west side of the state. Anglers are once again reminded that snagging is illegal. It is unlawful to snag or retain any fish not legally hooked in the mouth.

Weekly Fishing Report 9/29/2014

Improved weather should make it easier for anglers to get out on the Great Lakes. As we move further into fall anglers will start to see some of the last opportunities to get out and fish the big water. Inland, the rivers are producing trout and salmon however some areas are experiencing a much slower return so far.

Weekly Fishing Report 9/23/2014

Cooler temperatures did move salmon in closer to shore and into some of the major river systems especially on the west side of the state. Another warm up and thunderstorms by the weekend will most likely slow catch rates. Anglers are reminded that the season to take snapping turtles and softshell turtles closed on September 15th.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Time to target panfish - here's how!

Summer is a great time to target panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish) – in fact, all year is a great time to target them!

This species is an especially good target for beginning anglers, if you know how to choose the right equipment. Check out our new video below that provides an explanation of the simple tackle you’ll need to catch lots of panfish in Michigan!

Weekly Fishing Tip 8/19/14: Understanding water temps and their impact on fishing

As Michigan’s inland lakes warm up in mid to late summer, knowledge of a water body’s temperature stratification becomes helpful for fishing. Seasonal temperature influences in lakes form different zones, and as a result, different temperature ranges and oxygen levels are associated with these layers. Knowledge of these layers or zones can lead to increased angling success.

Weekly Fishing Tip: More hints on targeting walleye

Most anglers targeting walleye know that catching them in the spring is much easier than catching them during the warmer summertime months. In most Michigan lakes walleye in the summer typically seek cooler, deeper and darker waters while typically feeding in the shallow waters only at night. Because of some physiological properties of walleye, their sensitivity to bright light typically results in avoidance of shallow waters during day light periods.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Catching the elusive Walleye

In many of Michigan’s lakes walleye can be a rather elusive sport fish, making the quest for their tasty fillets difficult at times throughout the year.

Walleyes are predators that eat a wide range of small baitfish like yellow perch and various minnows, which logically has many anglers targeting these fish with minnows and crank baits. However, walleye also feed on aquatic insects when they are available and using crawlers on crawler harnesses can be an effective technique for working towards a limit.


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